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PAT BOGNAR: One of the things I hate most about television are the incessant, horrific advertisements that just scream at you. I think what they try to do is, get you into this position of thinking that you need this stuff and it’s just a bunch of malarkey and, you know, I think I can handle some of the TV programs —I’m very selective about it, but I cannot handle the TV ads. I don’t think you have the freedom to discover who you are because you’re constantly trying to become what they tell you you need to become so that you can become better consumers. And (life)’s not about consuming, it’s about self-knowledge and finding out who you are and what makes you happy, and consuming items is not what makes you happy. They want to convince you of that, but it’s not true.I

(Obama) disappointed me quite a bit. I was hoping for another FDR and we’re getting a sort of mini-Reagan. I want a more progressive president who is seriously focused on how we need to get out of this horrific depression that we are in and get jobs back to this country, meaningful jobs that pay good wages and I don’t know how much of that is being done.

(The Wall Street bigwigs who staged the crash of 2008) should be in jail. Yes, they should be, but I guess they’re doing just the sort of same thing they were doing before and they haven’t had to pay any consequences for what they’ve done to this country and to this world. So that would probably be something real important that needs to get done.