: Kvetchers :

Marshall Dowell
kvetches about the jobless economy

Kvetchers Rich Alcott
Kvetchers Rich Alcott Kvetchers Rich Alcott

MARSHALL DOWELL: Two and a half years, no job, everywhere they say they’re hiring, they’ll help you out. Government’s saying they built jobs in all over the U.S., it’s fuckin’ bullshit.

RICH ALCOTT: What kind of work are you looking for?

MARSHALL: I’m looking for anything.

RICH: Like this guy over here, you’re looking for anything, but no one’s made you any kind of offer?


RICH: Not even minimum wage?

MARSHALL: Nothing. Honestly, maybe if our government took their heads out of their asses, we might be able to fix this shit, because (they) do nothing for this country. They say freedom, they say they build all this. Where’s our fuckin’ freedom? Where’s our fuckin’ jobs?