Davin Smith
kvetches about genetically modified seed stock (Audio)

RICH ALCOTT: I heard that — not the government, but the ruling class, the illuminati — that the reason for the genetically modified corn stock is because they want to reduce the population — the people on the planet Earth — so that all the better to control the people and the corn stock will sterilize you if you eat too much of this corn. The question is,when you go to the movies and you eat a box of popcorn, do you worry about never being able to perform sexually again?

DAVIN SMITH: I mean, well, I don’t really have no problem with that or, really, I don’t have a problem with corn, so I guess it probably wouldn’t affect me.

RICH: How do you like to eat your corn? Do you like it right on the cob or in a can? Those niblets are tasty.

DAVIN: I like it on the cob, I like cream of corn, I just like it, period. It’s one of my favorite vegetables.

RICH: It is a fine vegetable.

DAVIN: It is, very much indeed.

RICH: I like those corn nuts, you know, those crunchy things.

DAVIN: Yeah, the crunchy corn nuts — yeah, I like those, too.

RICH: And popcorn. I love popcorn. Can’t go to the movie without eating popcorn.

DAVIN: My son likes popcorn more than I do, but it’s all right.

RICH: You don’t think that’s true about the GMOs?

DAVIN: Well, if they have a hidden agenda about it, who’s to say? I don’t know. The thing of it is, well, as a favorite vegetable of mine, I guess I might be in defense of corn then, you know? I might have to stick up for corn. I don’t know about the illuminati trying to, you know, take us out of the equations, per se, but, you know, it is what it is. I love corn. And corn is good
to me.

RICH: Corn is good.

DAVIN: Yeah, corn is good.

RICH: It’s not only good, corn is probably great.

DAVIN: It might be great. And if they are trying to do something like that, then, you know, that’s bad for them. But my think of it is, why would you do that, though? Why are you trying to, you know — come on.

RICH: What I’m hearing is, they want to reduce the population all over the planet.

DAVIN: OK, that’s genocide. Why would you, you know, try to commit genocide on —

RICH: Why would they do anything? Why would they toss people out of work? Why would they scoop up all the money?

DAVIN: That’s the thing I’m talking about. You know, I’m a working class citizen and I understand everybody needs a job. That’s the way of life. You know, the poor stay poor, the rich get richer. I guess, maybe it’s just human nature, period. If everybody pays attention about being more humanly, then maybe we’ll be all right then. You know? You see your brother, you see somebody, and they need a handout, help him out.

RICH: I’m with you on that and I’m with you on the corn. I just don’t want them messing with the corn.

DAVIN: OK. Well, like I say — one of my favorite foods.