Lost Videos Found, Remixed!

01-23 2012: Ghost Train (1991)
01-23 2012: Nothing Stays the Same Forever (1991)

11-07 2011: Valentin Radu Memento Mori, Los Angeles, California
11-01 2011:
Edgardo A. Franzua at the Kennedy Memorial, Dallas, Texas

11-01 2011: Aaron Stouder Occupy Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Media Control, Conditioning and Slavery of the Masses

11-01 2011: Aaron Stouder Occupy Dallas, Endgame, Police Tactics
11-01 2011: Benjamin ‘Sven’ Wardell Occupy Dallas, Dallas, Texas

06-17-11: Maple Ridge Wind Farm Tug Hill, Lewis County, N.Y.

Area People

05-11-11: Mickey Friedman: Perpetual Warfare, Great Barrington, Mass.

05-20-11: David Scribner: Family Business, Great Barrington, Mass.

Archive 2007-11

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, New York